Super coaster ‘Skyscraper' is the next thrill ride to hit Orlando

‘Skyscraper' is part of the SkyPlex complex set to open in 2019

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Now that the long wait is over for SeaWorld's roller coaster Mako, which opened to the public Friday thrill-ride fans have another opening to anticipate: the super roller coaster, “The Skyscraper,” coming to Orlando in 2019.

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News 6 talked to developer Joshua Wallack to get more details on the plans for the world’s tallest roller coaster. 

Skyplex is the entertainment complex that will host other sky-themed features, including a surf park, zip line, hotel, shopping and restaurants.

"Everything is still on target for Skyplex to open," said Joshua Wallack, the project’s developer.

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The super coaster is 570 feet tall and is expected to give riders a complete one-of-a-kind vertical experience towering over the Orlando Eye and popular attractions at Universal Orlando. The attractions at Universal Orlando are 200 feet tall. 

The new coaster is currently being constructed in Europe, Wallack said. 

News 6 asked Wallack about the idea of developing the 12-acre project on the corner of International Drive and Sand Lake Road.  He told us the project was developed from a need for a parking lot.

The project came with a bit of opposition. Universal Orlando, argued that the complex would cause too much noise and light pollution in the already-busy tourist district. 

However, in December, the Orange County Commission voted at a meeting to approve the 570-foot tall coaster. 

When asked about at the opening of the Skyscraper, Wallack told News 6, “This is going to be an American landmark.”