Brevard County Manatees making big move to Central Florida

Minor League team finds new home at Osceola County Stadium

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – For years, the Houston Astros have had spring training camp at the Osceola County Stadium, but now they're moving on and a new team is coming to town.

On Wednesday, the Brevard County Manatees, who are the Class A Advanced Affiliated of the Milwaukee Brewers, announced their plans to play there starting in the Spring of 2017.

"As president of the Florida state league, it's just a great great thrill to have a team back here in Kissimmee, Osceola County. As most of you know, we had a team here years ago and it's just such a great great thrill to have everybody out here today to welcome this great franchise," said Florida State League President Ken Carson.

The Manatees won't be keeping their name. Fans will get to pick a new team name during a contest this summer. The top six submissions will be put to a vote starting July 18. The winner will receive two season tickets, a jersey, and a chance to throw out a first pitch at one of the games.

Team President Joe Harrington said the stadium is going to be used for much more than just gams. They also hope to host youth leagues and other events for non profit groups.

"With other teams, we've done those types of things and we're going to continue to do them here," said Harrington.

To submit your idea for a new team name, visit: www.probaseballbackincentralflorida.com