Man shot at 7-Eleven just left nightclub where 3 people shot nearby

Family urges any witnesses to come forward

ORLANDO, Fla. – A large crowd gathered at an Orange County 7-Eleven on Sunday night after a father of four was killed in the morning.

The family of Ladravious Seagram-Bass, 20, said he was shot and killed while pumping gas after leaving Venue 578 in downtown Orlando.

Orlando police said three people where shot near the club at about 2:30 a.m.

The manager of the nightclub told News 6 that at bar close, there was a fight between two women. The club said the women were kicked out and the shooting did not take place on their property.

A rapper was performing a concert on Saturday night at Venue 578. The manager for the rapper described the scene outside the nightclub as "chaos."

Police said two men suffered minor gunshot injuries and a woman suffered a severe wound.

About a half hour later, Seagram-Bass' family said he stopped to get gas after leaving Venue 578. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said the shooting at the 7-Eleven occurred at about 3 a.m.

"He was my first grandchild, and he was a loving, kind, heartly person," the victim's grandmother, Sharan Seagram, said. "He loved people. He helped anybody. Anybody came to him for help, he helped them."

Longtime family friend Sharida Atwell said if someone shot Seagram-Bass out of revenge for the Venue 578 shooting, they should turn themselves in.

"Let this not go in vain," she said. "We want this one to be one of the solved ones. They are losing their lives, and we have children out here who are fatherless, who are motherless, and it's not fair to the kids."

Ladravious Seagram-Bass' family is urging for anyone with information to come forward, reminding people that you can remain anonymous through Crimeline.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has not said if the two shootings are related.

Orlando police have not identified the three people shot near Garland and Colonial early Sunday.

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