Deputies release pictures of newborn abandoned on porch

Baby in good condition with foster family, deputies say

Orange County deputies released photos on Monday of the baby boy who was found abandoned on the back porch of an apartment Friday morning, and the search for the baby's parents is still underway.

The investigation was underway at the Buena Vista Point Apartments, where the boy was discovered at 8:40 a.m. Friday.

Deputies said a man coming home from working the overnight shift at a local hotel found a baby wrapped in a brown fitted sheet on his back porch. He told deputies her heard a crying noise.

The Sheriff's Office said the baby's umbilical cord was still attached. Hospital officials determined that the baby was only hours old when he was found.

Deputies said they are still searching for the boy's parents to come forward so they can obtain the baby's medical records. The baby is in good health with a foster family, according to deputies. 

Deputies said there should be no fear of facing a criminal offense.