Orange County ME releases autopsy reports in Pulse shooting

Autopsies released for 31 victims, gunman Omar Mateen

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orange County Medical Examiner's Office on Friday will begin to release autopsy reports of the 49 victims killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting.

The first group of released autopsies included the reports for victims Akyra Murray, Christopher Leinonen, Christopher Sanfeliz, Darryl Burt, Eddie Justice, Edward Sotomayor, Enrique Rios, Eric Ortiz Rivera, Jason Josaphat, Javier Reyes, Jean Mendez Perez, Jerald Wright, Joel Rayon Paniagua, Jonathan Camuy Vega, Juan Chavez-Martinez, Juan Rivera Velazquez, Kimberly Morris, Luis Conde, Luis Ocasio Capo, Luis Vielma, Luis Wilson Leon, Martin Benitez Torres, Mercedez Flores, Miguel Honorato, Shane Tomlinson, Oscar Aracena Montero, Paul T. Henry, Peter Gonzalez Cruiz, Stanley Almodovar, Xavier Serrano Rosado and Yilmary Rodriguez-Solivan.

News 6 is choosing not to post the autopsy reports for the shooting victims.

Also included in the Friday release was the autopsy for the gunman, Omar Mateen, who opened fire inside the club June 12. [WARNING, CONTENT MAY BE GRAPHIC ]


According to Mateen's autopsy, he was shot by police eight times, and was facing police when he was shot in the head, chest and abdomen. He also had gunshot wounds on the bottoms of his feet, the report showing that officers were still firing at Mateen as he fell to the ground.

Mateen had no drugs or alcohol in his system, according to the report. The report also details that Mateen was wearing a green, blue and white plaid short-sleeved dress shirt and a black belt with a gun holster on it.

Officials said the medical examiner's office on Thursday began contacting the family members of the victims to notify them that the autopsy reports had been completed and were being released to the public. 

Several people died of a single gunshot wound, while other clubgoers were shot multiple times, including one woman who had eight wounds. Three men in the club were each shot at least nine times, while another man was shot 13 times.

But more than detailing the victims' wounds, the reports show what they were wearing, the jewelry they had on that night and things in their pockets - like student IDs.

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