Hillary Clinton stumps for votes in Kissimmee

'I want to be the president of everybody,' Clinton says

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Democrat Hillary Clinton stumped for votes in Kissimmee Monday night after attending similar rallies on Florida's west coast earlier in the day.

Once again, she hammered away at job creation, and she said her opponent, Donald Trump, is not the answer.
She also addressed the growing Puerto Rican population in Osceola County, a place near Disney and nearby resorts.

It's a place many Puerto Ricans are moving to for the opportunity to work.

"I want to help the people of Puerto Rico, and to do everything that I can to make sure that they are not left out and left behind, because they are part of our family," Clinton said.

Clinton also proposed expanding solar energy, especially in Florida. She said she wants to finish President Obama's initiative to connect high-speed internet across the country.

She also wants to make community college tuition-free to get people to work.

Clinton's event was interrupted by a man who claimed to be a Trump supporter. He held a sign reading "Trump," and started yelling at her during her speech.

Police escorted him out with the audience chanting, "Hillary! Hillary!" as he left.

"I'll tell you this: I want to be the president of everybody -- Republicans, Democrats  and independents -- everybody," Clinton told the crowd as he left.

News 6 found out Trump will be at the same venue on Thursday. 

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