2K sandbags filled in Seminole as Tropical Storm Hermine preps continue

SEMINIOLE COUNTY, Fla. – While it looks like Central Florida will avoid a direct hit from Tropical Storm Hermine, people spent Wednesday preparing for the storm's effects.

It is hard work filling up sandbags, but Karen Jaeger says it will be worth it if the 30 free sandbags from Seminole County help keep her lakefront home safe in the storm.

"So if the lake should come up, if it comes down too fast, I could have a real issue," Jaeger said.

In addition to the sandbags, Jaeger says she took some other precautionary measures in case the storm does more damaged than expected.

"I already have flashlights, I've got water jugs filled up frozen just in case, the Yeti cooler out, the grill filled with gas, the cars will be full with gas just in case," she said. "I do have a generator if push came to shove, but I don't think it's going to be that magnitude."

Earlier in the day News 6 found people out in the tropical rain associated with Hermine.

"Are you worried at all about the storm?" News 6 asked.  "I guess you have to be somewhat because you don't really know what it has the potential to do...if it's going to get worse or it it turns...but you still got to live life and you still have enjoy things," Liz Drummond said.

Nonetheless, people like Dave Lambert say they are taking the treat of a storm seriously.

"Complacency kills, that's all I can say. If you're not a little prepared or a little worried, you could suffer the worst," Lambert said.

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