Video shows boy dangling from side of Carnival cruise ship

GALVESTON, Texas – A troubling incident on a Carnival cruise ship out of Galveston has been caught on camera.

In a video sent to News 6 sister station KPRC-TV, a young boy is seen laughing as he climbed down the side of the Carnival Liberty, hanging on to the rail for a few seconds. You could also hear other people in the video laughing, with one person helping the boy back up on the ship.

The incident happened on Nov. 19.

Cruise ship passengers claim that the boy was unsupervised for most of the time and that he was involved in another incident on the ship.

"This literally made my heart beat super fast and made me nervous. Kids just don't understand that they are not invincible," ship passenger Buffy Halbrooks Augustine said. "He thought he was having fun and never considered the possibilities."

"It's incredibly dangerous. He would have been sucked under immediately," ship passenger Marcus K. told KPRC 2.

Carnival released a statement about the video:

"We recently became aware of the video and are investigating. We strongly condemn any such behavior by our guests that puts themselves or others at risk."

The boy has not been identified.