Woman robbed at gunpoint in Baldwin Park, police say


ORLANDO, Fla, – Orlando police are searching for two men after a woman in Baldwin Park was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday morning. 

The victim and her husband spoke with News 6 but didn't want to be identified. 

The husband said his wife was sitting outside on their back porch just before 4 a.m. when two men came up to her, one of them pointed a gun in her face while the other man stole her laptop, cellphone and purse. 

The victim's husband and daughter were sleeping inside the house.

David Shaw lives a few homes down from the victim. 

He said he moved to the Baldwin Park community more than a year ago because of it's safe atmosphere. 

"Quiet, low key, nice people. We talk to our neighbors and they're great people so very quiet," Shaw said. "It's scary, you know? You never hear about that around here and just to have lived here about a year and a half and never heard about that it just, I don't know, it kind of makes me think twice about my kids being out back and it's a crazy world now."

Chip Castagnos has called Baldwin Park home for 10 years; within the past three years, he said, crime has started creeping in.

Castagnos, who lives just a few houses down from where the victim was robbed, said he's had two bicycles stolen, one while he was home cutting the grass.

"I had a handgun stolen the November before last and my neighbors had a break-in, home intrusion during Christmas two, three years ago," Castagnos said.

"I'm thinking the next step is going to be home invasion with handguns because if they have enough guts to do this, what's next?"

It not just frustrating for Castagnos.

It's unnerving for people such as Carolina Bragg, who has young children and lives a block away.

"Oh my gosh, it's just so scary. I mean, I have my whole family here just like thinking about raising a family in a neighborhood that I'm not going to be feeling safe is just like very, very scary," Bragg said. 

Orlando Police said they are searching for two black males described by the victim.

A neighbor's surveillance system recorded video of the incident. Police said they plan to look at it Thursday. 

News 6 called the Baldwin Park's Home Owners Association twice for a comment but no one responded.