Apopka residents concerned about dump trucks in construction zones

Some dump truck drivers reportedly seen driving dangerously

APOPKA, Fla. – Alesha Irwin is used to the construction with the 429 and I4, but what she's not comfortable with is the way some of the dump trucks have been driving.

"They're running the roads, not slowing down and they're speeding," said Irwin.

She said not too long ago she was almost ran off the road by a dump truck that pulled out in front of her. She said it was terrifying.

"If something is not done soon, I do believe someone is going to get killed because these trucks do not slow down, they don't care," she said.

She said she's tried reaching out to Florida Highway Patrol, but hasn't much luck, so News Six decided to help her get results. A spokesperson said they would be more than happy to check out the area if Irwin gives them a call.

"We also talked with a spokesperson for the Wekiva Parkway Project, and she said they are aware of the situation and sent us this statement:

"Several residents have made the Central Florida Expressway Authority aware of unsafe driving behavior by some independent drivers hauling for some of the contractors building the Wekiva Parkway. We have had many discussions in weekly project team meetings on this, and contractors have tried to counsel these independent drivers on the importance of safety. We've also requested support from law enforcement and have had at least one speed enforcement operation conducted in the area that we're aware of. What would help most would be to get identifying information on the trucks (license plates, names on the truck doors, etc.,) causing these infractions so the project contractors can take the appropriate steps, i.e., no longer use those drivers."