Lake County woman says she battled landscaping company for refund

News 6 helps her get back $640

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A Lake County woman has gotten hundreds of dollars back after a months long battle with a landscaping company.

She says she paid the company in full for a service she never got.

Then she called Investigator Louis Bolden and got results.

Cindy Dettman's Lake County yard is lush, green and manicured, but she says it didn't get that way by Service Smart Lawncare.

"It makes me very mad.  I'm not happy.  I'm very frustrated," Dettman said.

According to the company's service agreement, they were supposed to provide trimming every other month and bed weeding monthly for $790 a year.

"I complained a couple of times last year," Dettman said. "I don't think they did a very good job."  

Dettman wasn't going to renew her agreement for another year, but she did when the company offered her a $150 discount.

This time she paid $640 for the year she said.

When no one showed up to work on her yard for two months, she said knew it was a mistake.

"I've had absolutely no service whatsoever on that $640," she said. "I want my money back."

First she was told it would take 30 days to get a refund, then she was flat out ignored, according to Dettman.

She says she kept a log of every time she called.

"I just don't understand a company that won't call you back and let you know what's going on." she said.  "I think they at least owe me that courtesy, and my money back."

We checked and found Dettman isn't alone.  According to the Better Business Bureau, Service Smart Lawncare has only been in business 6 years, but has an "F" rating with the BBB along with 92 complaints filed and 14 unresolved complaints, according to the bureau's website.

"Hopefully we can get you some help," Investigator Louis Bolden told Dettman.
"Well good luck," Dettman said. "Don't try calling, they wont let you through to anyone."

Bolden called and left a message for the owner and within 5 minutes the owner called back and promised to refund Dettman's money within a week.

"I got in touch with you and voila, within a week I've got my money back," Dettman said. "Can't thank you guys enough."

Dettman did what many people do when looking for a vendor, she got a referral from her neighbor.
Keep in mind, just because a company does good work for your neighbor, doesn't mean they'll be good for you.  Always do your research.

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