28-year-old man shot at Orlando apartment complex

Officers investigating at Metro Place Apartments

Officers are investigating a shooting that took place at an Orlando apartment complex Sunday afternoon.

Police said the shooting took place before 3 p.m. at the Metro Place Apartments on South Kirkman Road. A 28-year-old man was hit by the gunfire, police said.

The man's girlfriend identified the victim to News 6 as Frashane Thompson. She also said Thompson dodged more bullets by jumping from a second-story window in the apartment and running across a parking lot to safety.

He then collapsed and neighbors heard him yelling for help. The man was then rushed to a nearby hospital, suffering from a single gunshot wound and a broken arm.

The victim's sister, who didn't want to provide her name, said Thompson was shot in his arm. What she doesn't know is who pulled the trigger and why.

"If you know who it is, you need to talk,” she said. “Somebody knows something. So talk!"

Police have an idea of the person who might be responsible, but are not yet naming that person.

Detectives also pointed out that the shooting, which took place in a crowded apartment complex, could have ended with even more tragedy.

"It's terrible,” said Lt. David Arenas,​ of the Orlando Police Department. “It's terrible for something like this to happen (any time), and especially on Mother's Day -- especially with children and families out here.”

Police said the victim is stable. There’s no word on the motive behind the shooting.

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