Out-of-control SUV crashes into Jeep, sending it plowing into home

Neighbors say incident happened near North Lane on Innesbrook Court

ORLANDO, Fla. – Three vehicles are badly damaged, two people are hurt and a home now has a hole in its side all after an alleged road-rage incident that happened earlier Saturday in Orlando.

Neighbors said it happened near North Lane on Innesbrook Court.

"I was walking down the street, I was just about to turn the corner, then I heard a loud noise," David Abaney said.

He said a woman became enraged while behind the wheel of a Ford Explorer and first hit the bumper of a parked sedan then raced across North Lane and side-swiping a Jeep.

"It's scary, when you have someone who just don't care about other people. It's scary," Abaney said.

Abaney said that the driver of the Jeep then lost control, jumped the curb and slammed into a home head-on. Meanwhile, he continued, the woman in the Explorer tried leaving the scene. But she ultimately lost control of her vehicle and came to a crashing halt when she smashed into a tree just several yards away.

"I think she was in a state of rage and she didn't give a damn what she hit," said another man who saw the crash.

He also said he saw the woman become angry after fighting with her boyfriend.

"It's pretty lucky no kids were crossing this area on a bicycle or pedestrians walking," he said.

The hole left in the side of the house is minor, but the family who lives there hopes that the woman who may have caused the chain reaction gets cited.

News 6 asked police if that woman who neighbors said caused that mess was cited for anything. News 6 is still waiting to hear back.