Uber to offer passengers cheaper rides from airport

New service goes into effect Saturday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Come Saturday, UberX drivers will be able to pick up passengers from Orlando International Airport and officials say that even with the extra fee, it'll still be the most inexpensive transportation option.

Uber Florida general manager Kasra Moshkani said the new law going into effect will mean thousands of people who travel through the airport will have more ride options.

Currently, UberX can drop passengers off at OIA but only Uber Select, the higher-end option, can retrieve passengers from the terminals.

"Knowing that you have options for getting from point A to point B I think is very valuable, and we're really excited to be one of those options," Moshkani said.

Even with the $5.80 airport fee, UberX will cost about half the price to get to some major Central Florida destinations. 

Those figures include the $5.80 airport fee, which officials from Mears Transportation said Uber has been refusing to pay for years.

“Uber will finally be required to pay the airport a fee comparable to what other ground transportation providers have been required to pay.  Something they have refused to do for two years.  Another result will likely be more congestion on surrounding roadways," Mears Transportation spokesman Roger Chapin said.

Chapin said it may be difficult to tell which drivers are with Uber and which aren't, which could pose insurance problems in the event of a car crash.

Moshkani said part of the new state law that will allow ride-sharing companies to pick up passengers at the airport requires that drivers have insurance and other consumer protection safeguards, including providing the cost of the fare up front before booking, sending a receipt and sending the rider information about the car and driver.

Linda Lehr has worked as an Uber driver in Orlando for the past two years and she said she's excited for the expected boost in business.

"As many people as I take from Disney to the airport, I'm going to have just as many, if not more, going from the airport going to Disney," Lehr said.