Windshield scammers targeting Casselberry residents, police say

Faulty replacements could put drivers at risk

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – Casselberry police say scammers are targeting residents, trying to convince them to needlessly replace the windshields on their vehicles.

A resident told police that two men came to her door claiming to work for the state government, insisting that a new law had been enacted that requires Floridians to replace their windshields every six months.

Police said that claim is false and anyone going door-to-door to solicit a service should have a license through the City of Casselberry.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud said the cheap glass that the scammers use could put drivers at risk by breaking or popping out during a crash if it's not properly installed.

On top of that, the con artists will often lie to the victim's insurance company, saying the windshield was damaged, then charge the company inflated repair costs, resulting in a hike in the victim's auto insurance premium.

Casselberry police said anyone who is approached by a windshield scammer is advised to tell them no and call 911 to report the incident.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud also recommends contacting insurance providers for reputable windshield-repair firms in the case that a replacement windshield is needed. 

When contacting a windshield-repair firm, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud advises following these tips: 

• Make sure the repair firm guarantees all repairs, with a written warranty.

• Be certain the firm has a fixed address, not a pickup truck or P.O. box address.

• Inspect your bill to make sure charges are honest. If you have chips fixed, for example, were you billed for replacing the entire windshield?

• Check to ensure you aren't billed for a more expensive windshield than you ordered. 

• Make sure the repair firm listed on the invoice is the same firm that's doing the work.

• Contact your insurance company or agent periodically after the repairs to make sure the windshield firm doesn't make extra claims against your auto policy.

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