Lawn service workers help catch accused burglars

'They are superheros that smell like lawn clippings,' homeowner says

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – Quick thinking helped a homeowner get results.

It's all thanks to workers with her lawn care company who caught burglars in the act.

"It was all just a frightening and quick, quick thing," said Jennifer Abel.

Abel and her 14-month-old daughter were about to pull in the driveway Monday afternoon when she received an unusual greeting from her lawn care employees.

"As I was pulling in, my lawn guys from APEX are screaming a plate number and screaming, 'Do you have people working in your house? You were just burglarized,'" Abel said.

As she was pulling in, the two suspects sped off, Abel said.

"As I was pulling through, the bad guys were pulling out of my driveway. Almost side swiped me as I was coming back in," Abel said.

Alycia Young and Delajuwon Graham are charged with burglarizing her home.

Abel said it's thanks to employees with APEX lawn that they were caught in the first place.

Alan Crouch owns the company.

He said his employees first took notice that something just wasn't right. 

"Something was suspicious, so he comes over and stops me, you know, what I was doing, and says, 'Hey, something is up. I seen this car at the last house we were at and it looks suspicious,'" Crouch said.

As they walked close to the home, the suspects got in the car and took off, Crouch said.

But they weren't on the run for long.

"Everything went together like clockwork. While she's [Abel] on the phone dialing 911, my guy is yelling out the tag number," Crouch said.

Winter Garden police said they tracked the suspects down not too far away. Inside their car, police said found jewelry and other stolen items, including Abel's wedding ring that was handed down to her from her grandmother.

"They are superheros that smell like lawn clippings. That's what we were saying yesterday. They are, they might be stinky, they might be dirty, but they are the best. They are our heroes. They saved my daughter and I. Who knows what would have happened," said Abel.

Jewelry was also returned to another homeowner who had been burglarized the same day, police said.

Police said more charges are pending for Graham and Young.

They remain in the Orange County jail.