Orlando day care cited by DCF prior to child's death, records show

2 Little Miracles Academy locations in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Department of Children and Family records obtained by News 6 for the day care where a 3-year-old boy was found dead Monday show one of two Little Miracles Academy locations was previously cited for safety violations.

Owners of the day care have two separate facilities in Orlando.

Myles Hill was found at the 900 Plymouth Ave. location of Little Miracles Academy inside a day care van. 

The day care's other establishment, Little Miracles Academy II, is located at 2514 West Colonial Dr., where Orlando police said the little boy was supposed to be transported early Monday morning.

Orlando police Chief John Mina estimated the 3-year-old was left in the van for at least 11 hours.

A News 6 investigation found that both facilities have been inspected 10 times each.

The West Colonial location received 10 inspections since 2014, the most recent inspection was completed a week ago on Aug. 1. Records show that location was fully compliant each time.

However, the Plymouth Avenue location had a total of five insistences where a noncompliance issue was reported during the last two years, according to DCF's records.

The Plymouth Avenue day care was cited on June 19, 2015, for not having a child abuse and neglect reporting requirement form.

The day care was cited again in March of this year for three violations including their lack of supervision and for fire drill preparedness. The report shows that "staff were not within sight and hearing of all the children during naptime.”

A third citation was issued during that March inspection when DCF officials said they discovered that medication was not stored in a locked area or out of children's reach.

The most recent instance of noncompliance was reported last month during a July 11 inspection. DCF cited the day care for violating the transportation rule, stating the facility log for children transported did not include the destination time, arrival time, destination location and departure location.

Orlando police said Myles was left in the Little Miracles Academy van starting at 9 a.m. Monday and his body was not found at 8 p.m.

All five of the noncompliance issues were class III lower level violations and were corrected immediately, according to DCF.

DCF Secretary Mike Carroll said the agency is currently investigating the circumstances that led up to the death of the 3-year-old boy and are questioning employees in conjunction with law enforcement.

"Our hearts are broken by the news of the loss of this child and we will assist all those who loved Myles in any way possible as they mourn this tragedy," Carroll said in a statement to News 6. "DCF child care licensing staff are conducting a thorough investigation and will also continue to coordinate with law enforcement as they investigate."

Carroll said DCF is pursuing legal action to stop operations by Wednesday at both of the day care facilities.

Investigators with the Orlando Police Department were seen Tuesday trying to enter the Little Miracles Academy II location, but had no luck.

News 6 spoke to the day care owner’s attorney, Robert Nesmith, Tuesday as he was leaving Little Miracles II. Nesmith said the owners plan to have a news conference soon, but did not provide a date or time.

"We deeply hurt for the family,” said Ethel Thomas, who says she is the grandmother of the owner of the daycare. Thomas said her entire family is devastated about what happened and want to do what they can to help Myle's family.

"I know what it is like losing a loved one," she said. "Anything I can do for that family to share love kindness anything I could reach out and do for them.​"

Myles' death marks the fifth case of a child to die in a hot car in Florida this year.