Orlando plays host for Call of Duty world championship

Thousands descend on Amway Center for video game tournament

ORLANDO, Fla. – Over the past 20 years, Orlando has become a hotbed for video game production. But this weekend is all about bringing some of the best gamers in the world to compete against one another.

Thirty-two teams from across the globe are competing in the popular video game Call of Duty this weekend in Orlando as part of the World League Championship.

The winners in this first-person shooting game tournament will take a sizable chunk of the $1.5 million pot.

Dillon Price, known by his gamer name "Attach," hopes to be one of those players. Price points out how quickly his parents came to accept his unconventional career, once they saw how well he could support himself.

"It was crazy how it just switches," he said. "Cause back then when I was younger, [my parents] were like 'what are you doing? Get off [the video games], go to practice, do your homework.' But now it's like 'you should be playing.'"

And he, along with many other players and teams, have quite the fan base, including in Central Florida.

"I think people are starting to realize there's real money in this and real people that want to take time out of their day and watch this stuff," said Makayla Crouse of Orlando.

The championship wraps up on Sunday.

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