UCF allowing displaced students from Puerto Rico in-state tuition

School is giving students unseated by Maria the chance to receive in-state rates


ORLANDO, Fla – Central Florida's hometown university is set to make a major move in aiding Puerto Rican students moved from home by Hurricane Maria.
The University of Central Florida announced on Wednesday that it plans to allow displaced students, who are residents of Puerto Rico, to receive in-state tuition for this fall and the 2018 spring semesters.

According to the university's release announcing the move, "UCF is supporting Gov. Rick Scott’s commitment to help Puerto Rico recover from Maria. In a Sept. 26 letter, Gov. Scott encouraged Florida universities and state colleges to “allow any student who has been displaced from their home in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria to be eligible for in-state tuition.”

University President John C. Hitt was quoted speaking on the measure as being, "a compassionate way to help our students, and I fully support it,”​

The release also includes that, "As of Sept. 27, about 120 UCF students list their residencies as being in Puerto Rico and are eligible for in-state tuition rates," and the school plans to contact eligible students "soon."

Any students with questions about the costs are encouraged to call the UCF Registrar's Office at 407-823-5510.