Pulse owner seeks to erect temporary memorial, new fence at nightclub

Orlando City Council to consider proposal Oct. 9

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Pulse nightclub owner Barbara Poma is seeking to add a new fence, landscaping and tribute memorials to the areas surrounding the club as an interim memorial, plans submitted to the Orlando City Council for approval show.

The site on South Orange Avenue has remained mostly unchanged since the mass shooting on June 12, 2016.

Poma "recognized that it is time to bring further organization to the site on an interim basis, as the foundation works on a more permanent memorial for the site," according to the proposal.

The city council will review the plans on Oct. 9. The foundation is seeking a temporary use permit from the city for a maximum of two years with three possible one-year extensions for use of the site.

The plans submitted to city council on Sept. 27 show that the onePulse Foundation and Poma would like to replace the fence around the club building, which has remained since it was erected by the FBI. The new 8-foot-tall fence would feature vinyl print lettering, according to the permit plans.

The temporary memorial design for Pulse nightclub submitted to the city for approval.

Artificial turf would be laid outside the fence and several lighted benches with landscaping would be added, according to the plans.

The existing Pulse sign would stay as is with the electrified P, but the plans call for panels to be installed around the base of the sign made of polycarbonate with a "frosted digital print" on each side." A smaller steel wall at the sign will be designated for leaving offerings.

The onePULSE Foundation wants to build panels around the Pulse sign, accoring to a permit submitted to the city.

The foundation is also asking the city for an on-site security plan coordinated with the Orlando Police Department and a better parking solution, including off-site locations with signs directing visitors.

The actual building will remain untouched as part of this temporary memorial, the onePulse Foundation said in a statement.

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