Video shows interaction between Kissimmee officer, suspect before shooting

'I'm not coming to you, you're coming to me,' suspect told officer

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – The man accused of killing two Kissimmee Police Department officers was combative and asking for a sergeant during an interaction with one of the officers shortly before the shooting, newly released cellphone video shows.

The 10-second video, released Friday, appears to show suspect Everett Miller telling Officer Matthew Baxter that he wouldn't show his license because he wasn't driving.

"Call a sergeant please, sir. Call everybody up here, we about to put this on Facebook live," Miller told Baxter.

Miller then walks a few feet to his gray Kia Optima and leans with his legs crossed against the wheel-well. He's holding what appears to be a card or license in his hand.

"I don't need to show you my license, I'm not driving," Miller says, stretching the card out in his hand.

"Come over here," Baxter replies.

"I'm not coming to you, you're coming to me," Miller says, still leaning against his vehicle.

The video then ends. Although the footage did not have a time stamp, officials with the Kissimmee Police Department have said in the past that Baxter encountered Miller on Palmway and Cypress Streets in Kissimmee at 9:28 p.m. on Aug. 18.

The person who recorded the cellphone video released as evidence had left the scene by the time Sgt. Sam Howard arrived.

The Fifth Judicial Circuit released that video and hundreds of other files Friday afternoon in the first-degree murder case against Miller.

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Among the files were graphic evidence photos from the crime scene, 911 calls, interviews with witnesses and more.

Maribel Gonzales King was present moments before both officers were shot, according to what she told officers. She was initially identified as a person of interest after the crime but then cleared after detectives spoke with her.

Body camera video from a Kissimmee Police Department officer shows her reenactment of the night of the shooting. A separate video shows her interview at the police department.

She said she was with Miller and some other people drinking beer on the curb when Baxter approached and asked whose beer it was, then kicked over the beverage when no one answered.

Miller then accused Baxter of harassing residents in the neighborhood.

"He was over here talking in Baxter's face like, 'Why you messing with everybody? Why you always harassing somebody?'" King says, recalling what Miller told Baxter.

In an interview at the Kissimmee Police Department, she told officers that Miller wasn't making much sense and said "(expletive) the police" while interacting with the officers.

She said Miller had his hands on his head when he told officers he was licensed to carry a weapon. At that point, Howard yelled for King and the other witnesses to walk away.

She said she crouched behind a tree for safety when she heard gunshots. She said she heard two or three shots, then silence, then two or three shots again seconds later.

There was no yelling or sounds of a scuffle before the gunshots -- just silence, she said.

When she peered between the leaves shortly thereafter, she saw two bodies lying flat on the ground next to each other and ran, she told officers.

A woman called 911 at 9:32 p.m. and said two officers had just been shot outside of her house.

"There's two of them, they were like shot in the head. I just walked out the house and they're just laying on the ground, just laying there," the woman said in tears.

She said she heard gunshots, heard a car drive away then opened her door and saw the officers.

"I don't see nobody breathing, they're dead," she said.

Kissimmee Police Department officer Michael Marion said both men were unresponsive when he arrived at the scene. He helped render aid to Howard and rode in the ambulance with Baxter to the hospital.

Miller was arrested at Roscoe's Bar in Kissimmee after a man called 911 to report a suspicious person at 10:23 p.m.

The state is seeking the death penalty against him on both first-degree murder charges.