Commissioner Hill intends to press charges against fired firefighter

'My privacy has been destroyed,' Hill says

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill said in a press conference on Friday that she will press charges and file a civil lawsuit against an Orlando firefighter who was recently terminated from his job after a medical incident involving her in August.

Hill addressed the August incident saying that she is publicly addressing it to make sure the community feels safe when calling 911.

"Unfortunately, Joshua Granada's actions the night of the Pulse shooting, however heroic, did not justify the illegal recording of a patient receiving medical care," Hill said.

Granada, who was fired on Nov. 21, has said that he suffers from PTSD following his response to the Pulse nightclub attack.

Granada has said that he recorded the audio for his safety because Hill was making accusations against him and his team.

“It was cursing, cursing, cursing, 'I hate you, you’re trying to get me in trouble,'“ Granada said. “'I hate all of you firemen,' and that’s what I heard and I swear to you, I still didn’t know who she was.”
Hill said that her name was not on any medical records but it was brought up all week in the media.

"We also must be concerned that a firefighter who is violating patient's privacy and their rights when they are most vulnerable," Hill said. "Sadly at this point, my privacy has been destroyed."