Can drivers still turn right on red if there are two turning lanes?

The answer is yes -- but use extra caution

ORLANDO, Fla. – Making a right turn when the traffic light is red is usually pretty easy, but when there are two right turning lanes, it can become a little more complicated.

Kathy from Orlando asks, “Am I allowed to make a right turn from the 'left' right turning lane?“

First of all, yes. Drivers are allowed to make a right turn from the 'left' right turning lane at a red light -- but just like making a right turn from a single right turning lane, they have to follow a few rules.

The same rules apply for making a right in any lane at a red light. First, come to a complete stop at the stop bar, making sure your turning signal is on before the stop. Drivers should then look left, look right, and look left again before carefully conducting the turn.

If there is a sign that states no right on red, then drivers are not allowed to make a right on red from whatever lane they are located.

The biggest difference is knowing you have traffic on your left side and your right side. So when making that right turn from the 'left' right turning lane, drivers have to be extra careful 

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