Police: Don't share, repost school threats on social media

Concerned parents, students concerned after threats seen on social media


MELBOURNE, Fla. – Police are urging people not to repost or share any kind of threats to schools, but instead, report them to authorities.

Melbourne Police Department officials said they received several calls from concerned parents and students about threats posted to social media.

One was posted under a social media account for "Ray Andres," who indicated he planned "to bring a gun to school tomorrow, so be prepared to hear shots," and "Yes SHS is the school I want," police said.

There were also reports of a handwritten threat on a wall, "Careful, don't come to school Friday 2-23. You'll see why!!"

Melbourne police said upon investigation, they found there to be no immediate ties to the schools within the district.

Police are now asking everyone to refrain from reposting or sharing any threats found on social media, as they tend to distract children, school staff members and law enforcement agencies from legitimate threats.

"We want to thank everyone who has come forward with information about these threats and, as always, encourage our community to assist us in our mission to provide a safe environment for our local students," the department said in a news release Thursday night.

Anyone who sees or hears anything indicating a threat is asked to call 800-423-8477.

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