After fourth flooding closure, Maitland officials promise fix

Fourth time road has closed from flooding in 3 weeks

MAITLAND, Fla. – All lanes are reopened on South Orlando Avenue at Monroe Avenue. This is the fourth instance of flooding causing road closures at this intersection in three weeks. 

City officials said the road would not have to be shut down again due to flooding on April 23. The area flooded and was shut down later that night. Three cars have gotten stuck in the floods. 

At one point Sunday morning all the southbound lanes were shut down until Maitland Assistant City Manager Mark Reggentin said it was safe to reopen two of the lanes.

"All of the flooding is limited to that inside lane, so we closed that down," Reggentin said.

Reggentin said police officers were out early in the morning monitoring the rainfall and the roadway.

"Once the storms started rolling in, the chief had them deployed to the intersection here ready to watch the system," Reggentin said. "As soon as it got up to cover that first lane, they closed it down just to make sure everyone is safe." 

News 6 meteorologist Samara Cokinos predicted a 60 percent rain coverage for the rest of the day with pockets of heavy rain. The forecast is rainfall between one half and three quarters of an inch. 

On April 23, Reggentin said the city of Maitland has been working to add new drainage systems to divert the water. He said the city planned to install a new gravity system and a larger pump that week. 

Since then, Reggentin said, they added an additional pump, bringing the total to four pumps working to keep the roadway open.

"All the pumps are working, our bypass gravity system is working, so as long as the rain doesn't inundate the system we should be sitting all right and be able to keep the road open," he said. 

Reggentin said crews will start installing a larger 5-foot pipe Monday as another measure to stop future flooding. 

"Right now we have a 3-foot diameter pipe that is bypassing most of the storm water, so this will add so much capacity that we're hoping that will be a good second interim solution," he said. "But we have a 72-inch pipe going in beyond that."

Reggentin said he hopes the whole drainage system will be finished in two weeks, weather permitting.

But until then, he said the city is staying proactive and is doing everything it can to stop any future flooding.

"We're doing as much as we can, but when it rains like it has this morning there's only so much that we can do," Reggentin said. "But we're pretty pleased with the results this morning."

Police and crews will monitor the road throughout Sunday as the rain is expected to continue. 

News 6 asked city leaders how much the flooding and their response to the roadway issues cost. We're told they won't know the amount until the project is complete.

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