Anthony's Lemonade Stand to use all proceeds to feed homeless

Stand opened Saturday in Apopka


APOPKA, Fla. – Daniel and Tania Rosario's son, Anthony, is already an entrepreneur.

Clothed in a bright yellow T-shirt emblazoned with "Anthony's Lemonade Stand" in bold letters, the 9-year-old opened his own lemonade stand on Saturday outside of his home in Apopka. 

Anthony's sole purpose behind the creation of the stand was to use the money raised to help those in need. He intends to put the proceeds toward making meals for the area's homeless population.

"In everything he does, he’s always worried about the next person,” Daniel said. "He's just a giving kid."

Daniel said Anthony was inspired to help after seeing people living on the street from the windows of his parents' cars.

"Every morning on his way to school we pass through neighborhoods where he tell me how he is going to rebuild the city one house at a time, and how he wants to help feed the homeless we see on every corner," Daniel said in a Facebook post.

The idea to raise money from the lemonade stand was a natural progression.

Daniel said the stand raised over $650 during its four hours of operation on Saturday. He said all of that money will go toward preparing meals to deliver directly to those in need, just like Anthony envisioned.

"Anthony wanted to deliver it to people. He said 'that way they won't have to go far, we’ll bring the food to them,'” Daniel said.

The Rosarios said they've received support for the stand from people all over the United States, much more than they expected. 

"The movement this has caused has just been incredible," Tania said.

Anthony's parents said the boy intends to open the stand again. The family is looking to partner with a local charity for next time.

"It's humbling," Tania said. "I'm extremely proud."