Florida man stomps on ducklings that wandered into his yard, police say

Suspect claims adult duck attacked him

Magdiel Marrero-Pena

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Police said a man has been charged with beating four ducks — three of them ducklings — to death with a stick.

Magdiel Marrero-Pena, 41, of the 3500 block of Mount Carmel Lane, Melbourne, was charged with four counts of cruelty to animals, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

Officers found the ducks late Monday morning in the man's backyard. He lives in the Eagle Lake subdivision west of Lipscomb Street and south of Pirate Lane. His neighbors made the call to 911.

"I think this guy really has some issues and I just felt that I had to call you, he's going to start, may start killing neighbors next," a witness told a 911 operator.

Marrero-Pena told officers he beat the adult duck with a stick and stomped on the ducklings, Melbourne police said. He told officers the adult duck had wandered onto his property and attacked him. 

Police also charged him with violating a city ordinance that designates Melbourne as a wildlife sanctuary and prohibits animals from being intentionally killed and injured.

Marrero-Pena remained at the Brevard County Jail Tuesday in lieu of $20,250 bail. 

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