Eatonville murder suspect 'awoken by demons' before killing woman, report shows

Frying pan, Bible found near victim's body, police say

EATONVILLE, Fla. – An Eatonville man accused of killing a 30-year-old woman told police he thought he was attacking "demons inside his room" Saturday when he stabbed his friend to death.

Eatonville police responded to 16 Deacon Jones Boulevard Saturday at 4:22 a.m. after a tipster said he saw a body in Lesley Satenay's room, according to the arrest report.

Satenay, 40, also known as "Dread," told police "the devil was inside his room." According to the report, police found the 30-year-old victim on the floor in the left corner of the bedroom. Phillips suffered from blunt-force trauma and was already dead when authorities arrived. Police said she had "a foreign object" in her face and laying next to her was a frying pan, a Bible with blood on it and a large pipe also with blood on it, the arrest report said.

When detectives questioned Satenay, he told them Phillips was at his home the night before, but he thought she left. Satenay told police he was awakened by demons in his room and he swung a knife, hitting "a big person," the police report states. Satenay said he then grabbed a frying pan and hit the person three more times, police said.

Police later said in a news release that Phillips died after suffering multiple stab wounds.

Satenay told police Phillips was "a little person and he thought the demon was big" and that he killed an innocent person that was his friend, according to the report.

The suspect said "he was sorry for killing his friend," police said.

Phillips' death marks the second homicide in a year after the shooting death of 34-year-old Cindy Jackson in 2017. Arthur Glover, 71, who survived that shooting, still lives in Eatonville, just a street over from Deacon Jones Boulevard, where Phillips was killed.

Glover said he knew the victim and Satenay and thought they were dating. He described the victim as a good person who kept to herself.

"She has a son, a little 8-year-old boy," Glover said. "I just saw him. He's at home waiting for her to come home."

Satenay is charged with second-degree murder.