Attorney John Morgan doesn't mind House Democrats using 'For the People' slogan

Morgan says Democrats using his slogan is 'free advertising'


ORLANDO, Fla. – House Democrats have unified behind a slogan ahead of midterm elections that will sound very familiar to Florida. That slogan is "For the People," which Orlando-based personal injury attorney John Morgan has been using for 30 years.

Residents and visitors have seen the Morgan & Morgan billboards across the Sunshine State, heard his voice on the radio and seen his advertisements on local television. The slogan is even the law firm's website URL ForThePeople.com. He and his co-lawyers, including his wife, Ultima, and sons, Matt, Mike and Dan, always remind us, they are in it "For the People."

Politico reported Wednesday that Democratic leaders selected the new slogan, swapping out the initial motto of a “Better Deal.”

“For the People” centers around three top issues: health care, increasing wages and highlighting issues within the Republican party.

It's interesting to see Morgan's motto used in political campaigns because until a few months ago, the attorney was considering a bid for Florida governor.

Morgan has also contributed millions of his own money to get a medical marijuana constitutional amendment on the 2016 ballot, which passed with more than 60 percent of the vote. Morgan continues to push for more reform to allow smokeable medical cannabis in Florida, not just use it through vaping and in food, oils, sprays and tinctures.

Morgan told News 6 no one from the Democratic party asked him if they could use his slogan, but he's OK with that.

"I'm happy," Morgan said in an email. "(It's) free advertising."

The attorney also had jokes for social media. The self-proclaimed capitalist took to Twitter and said he would collect a small fee from the Democratic Party. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi would get a better rate than Sen. Chuck Schumer.

"I agreed to allow Nancy Pelosi, or Aunt Nancy as my children call her, to pay me only a nickel every time #ForThePeople is used by the DCCC," Morgan tweeted, adding "Schumer will be paying a quarter for the DSCC."

After all, "imitation is the highest form of flattery," Morgan said.

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