What is a 'fix-it ticket' and what do you need to do if you get one?

It requires more than just paying a fine


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No one really wants a traffic ticket, but did you know there are different types of citations that require different actions?

Dana of Hunters Creek asked, “What is a fix-it ticket?”

Well a fix-it ticket, or what I like to call a compliance ticket, requires further action rather than just paying it and moving on. These type of tickets are issued for minor violations usually being a faulty equipment notice or some type of administrative issue. 

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There are several violations that can result in these type of traffic tickets. Here are just a few:
- Failure to display driver's license on demand
- No proof of insurance
- Unsafe equipment
- Expired license 
- Expired registration 

The catch, complying with the requirements of the ticket will always have a better outcome. Too often, I have seen drivers think that since it's a minor ticket they don’t have to worry about it, when in fact these tickets carry the same consequences as a normal ticket.

Comply or be suspended. 

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