Orlando nonprofit founder helps feed impoverished children

ORLANDO, Fla. – William Lowry has dedicated most of his life to working with nonprofits to help people all over the world. 

"We've been providing meals in places all over the United States and it's astonishing the need that is out there and the hunger that is out there," Lowry said.

In 2008, Lowry founded My Neighbor's Children to help impoverished kids in the United States and in countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The packaged meals contain rice, soy protein, 21 minerals and vitamins and seven dried vegetables. 

Lowry also works to feed children closer to home. He helps school systems in several counties of Central Florida so that no child goes to bed hungry. 

"Our first objective is to try to get meals to kids who are homeless and then we want to get meals to the kids that are in the free school lunch program. That's Orange, Osceola, Seminole," Lowry said.

My Neighbor's Children also partners with Florida Hospital to provide medical care for children in one of the most impoverished islands of the Caribbean.

"We take medical care teams down. They can go to a hospital there in Haiti, receive care and then that's paid for by Florida Hospital out of the operation Sunshine program," Lowry said.

He said when he sees a need, it's in his nature to want to fix it. Another way that he's impacting the lives of thousands of children is through his other organization, Hygiene for the World, which provides kids in Haiti with essential hygiene tools like soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion and a wash cloth. 

"We were there a couple of weeks ago celebrating a million bars distributed in Haiti. We provided a meal to 2,000 children and we gave every child a new bar of soap. Diseases kill so many children around the world. Five million a year die under the age of 5 from diseases that could be prevented if they just had good hygiene products," Lowry said.

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