This place is giving the word 'workout' a whole new meaning

Obstacle Ninja Academy offers fun workout to Orlando families

ORLANDO, Fla. – Having fun while working out -- that's the idea of the Obstacle Ninja Academy in Orlando. 

"It doesn't feel like you're working out. It just feels like you're playing and having fun," head ninja trainer R.J. Roman said. 

Robin Lopez, who admits he did have some help from his two children when it came to the designs, said everything was made so that kids could use the equipment, but it would still work well for adults. 

It's a place where anyone who either wants to have fun or stay fit and healthy can enjoy, and at the same time, feel like they're a kid again. 

"It targets pretty much everything. It's mostly, like it'd be considered like a calisthenic workout," Roman said.

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Through multiple obstacles like the spider wall, where you use your legs, or rings for arm strength, it's a challenging experience that teaches you how to use your own body weight to get a full workout.

"It's a total body movement that you just have to learn to get the body to work. Incredible grip and hand hold strength for that as well," Lopez said.

The concept came about after Lopez built something similar for his kids in their backyard. Neighbors and friends showed interest, so they suggested he venture out and offer this workout to the community. 

"The idea is to not have an exclusive facility catering only to kids or only to adults. So the lanes actually will interchange the obstacles to make them more difficult, more easier," Lopez said about the facility.

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He said it took three months to put together inside a warehouse space. 

In recent years, working out seems to have become a growing trend. A 2015 Gallup survey revealed that 55.5 percent of Americans were exercising three or more times a week.

The Obstacle Ninja Academy is open seven days a week.

For more information about the facility, visit

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