SunPass customers can now request reimbursement for bank overdraft fees

E-Pass customers yet to be charged for backlogged SunPass tolls

ORLANDO, Fla. – SunPass customers can now submit any bank overdraft fees they may have incurred during the 75 days SunPass was trying to catch up on their massive backlog toll fees.

On Thursday, a new feature on SunPass.com appeared under their online support section.

Also on Thursday, customers calling the SunPass Call Center were prompted with a recorded message asking customers if they were calling about any overdraft bank fees.

Once customers answer yes, the message prompts them to where to find the information online.

Here’s what anyone hoping to be paid back needs to do:

Once you access you account online, go to the account overview section located on the left side of your screen and click on the online support tab listed at the very bottom.

It will then direct you to the question/comment section where you can submit your "Reason for Contact." You will then select a category from the drop down list. Click on "Overdraft Fee Reimbursement," which is located at the very top.

Upload a file of your bank statement and SunPass activity to show proof of the overdraft during the dates of June 11 and Aug. 17. Black out any personal bank account information for security purposes.

Anyone who doesn't have access to a computer or phone, can also submit their reimbursement request by fax or in person at any SunPass Customer Service Centers.

At SunPass customers must show proof that they have had two re-bills during the time period in question.

According to the recorded SunPass message, it will process requests between four and five business days.

Additional instructions are available at SunPass.com under the Frequently Asked Questions section.

EPass customers yet to be billed for SunPass tolls

News 6 also checked with Central Florida Expressway Authority about whether their customers, who use E-Pass, have been charged for any SunPass tolls yet and learned they have not.

Instead, E-Pass customers will see their backlogged SunPass-related tolls separated out for the two and a half month period of the SunPass system failure. They will also be given time to review the charges and pay them off over a 3 month period without incurring any penalties or fees. 

“We are reviewing the backlog of transactions and preparing our system to gradually post the charges to our customers’ E-Pass accounts and allow them to pay those tolls over an extended period of time,” Brian Hutchings, with Central Florida Expressway Authority said. “We encourage E-Pass customers to continue to monitor their accounts and watch for our weekly correspondence.”

Hutchings said E-Pass customers that do not travel on SunPass owned roads should not be impacted by the backlog issues, but he encourages customers to contact them with any questions at epass@cfxway.com or call 407-823-7277. 

And though Florida Department of Transportation officials said it the department has caught up on its backlog of tolls, drivers who used the toll roads during the 75-day period may still end up getting a massive bill for backlogged tolls since some of those were toll by plate transactions.

FDOT is also yet to release any details on how it will handle the backlog of toll-by-plate transactions collected.

Back on July 26, FDOT reported that while toll-by-plate transactions were part of the backlog, the exact number and percentage of toll-by-plate transactions in the backlog was not known at that time.
On that date, Kim Poulton, with FDOT’s Florida Turnpike Enterprise, stated once quality assurance processes were completed, invoices would be sent out. 

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