Backed up lake partially to blame for Pine Hills flooding

Temporary fix in place

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – After two major flood events in the area in the past three days, Orange County leaders are coming together to enact a temporary plan to address the flooding issues in Pine Hills.

Heavy rain caused flooding Tuesday night on Hiawassee and Silver Star roads, where cars were stuck underwater. There was a similar scene Sunday night nearby on Powers Drive and Silver Star Road, where dozens of cars stalled out.

County leaders said Silver Star lake, a private, backed up lake located nearby, is in part is to blame for the recent flooding in Pine Hills. We saw trash and debris in the lake. The county told News 6 it has not been maintained. 

Wednesday, county crews and contractors were working to add additional pumps to temporarily alleviate the flooding issues in Pine Hills. 

"For a temporary fix, we have put additional pumps out here so we’re working on the fix," Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin said.

Siplin was in Pine Hills Wednesday surveying the area. 

"I want the residents to know that this is a top priority," Siplin said. 

Antoine Edmond lives near Powers Drive and said when it rains, he can’t even get to his home. 

"The water comes and stops in front of my house. I can’t get in the driveway, I can’t get in," Edmond said.

News 6 spoke with Edmond Jones Sunday.  His car was stalled on Powers Drive after driving through floodwaters. 

"When I came through, it got higher, and when I got to the middle of it, it got higher, so it kind of took my wheels off the ground," Jones said.  

His car stalled on Powers Drive.

"The water started coming inside the car," Jones said.

County leaders said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office plans to make sure drivers won’t get stuck in floodwaters again by possibly stationing a deputy at flood prone areas in Pine Hills before future heavy rain events. 

If you’d like to file a claim to see if you’re available for repayment for car damages, you can call the Orange County Public Works Department's Risk Management office at 407-836-7720. 

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