Man accused of 5 years of stalking family, throwing dog poop in their yard

Deputies say Brian Szikney violated a court order by stalking family

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man has been arrested after five years of stalking a family that lived down the street from him, according to officials from the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said that the man's behavior was likely racially motivated.

Brian Szikney, 62, was arrested Saturday on charges of stalking and aggravated stalking after court-imposed conditions. Deputies said that Szikney has been harassing a family since they bought their house in 2012, which is near Szikney's home on on the 5000 block of Satel Drive in Orlando. 

Szikney received the court order of non-hostile contact in 2013. The victim, who asked to not be identified due safety concerns, told deputies that Szikney had continued the behavior even after the order was issued.

Both the father and grandfather of the family made statements to deputies regarding Szikney's behavior.

Victims told authorities that Szikney has stalked and harassed the family in multiple ways, including hiding in bushes and watching the family's children, throwing bags of his dog's feces in their yard, breaking a mirror on one of the family's vehicles, threatening to kill the family's dogs. The family also claims Szikney has put nails in their car tires and yelled racial slurs such as "move back to Africa."

"It started with the racial names, then it went from racial names to throwing letters with dog poop," the victim said.

Szikney's behavior has caused the family members "substantial emotional distress, fear and seems racially motivated," according to the arrest affidavit.

Another neighbor said that Szikney has shouted obscenities and trespassed on their property throughout the years, forcing them to have security cameras.

"You have neighbors who've been here for years that won't even come out of their house because of this one particular gentleman," the victim said.

To the family, the alleged stalking has also stolen peace of mind.

The father of the family showed News 6 a photograph they said they gave to investigators, showing Szikney recording a video of his family.

"It hurts me that my kids can't ride their bike up and down the sidewalk without being harassed. First thing they do when they come out the house is look down that way," he said.

The family said that finally, after six years, they had enough. They wrote a letter to Sheriff Jerry Demings describing Szikey's behavior.

Court records show Szikney was found guilty for stalking another neighbor after a jury trial in February. A judge will rule Sunday on if Szikney will be held without bond for violating his probation in that case. 

"We don't know what he's capable of at this point, we don't know what he is going to do to the kids, we don't know what he's going to do to the family," the victim said.

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