Orlando student awarded $100,000 scholarship at Beyonce, Jay-Z concert

Evans High School senior says he wants to attend law school

ORLANDO, Fla. – One Orlando high school student won't have 99 problems when it comes to paying for his college tuition.

On Wednesday night, during Beyonce and Jay-Z's concert at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, DJ Khaled announced a $100,000 scholarship for Evans High School senior Keshawn Morgan through BeyGOOD and the Shawn Carter Foundation.

Morgan, 17, was in the audience with other members of the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida and had no idea that he was about to receive the surprise of a lifetime.

"Tonight, the person is in the building and he don't even know he's about to get a scholarship from Beyonce and Jay-Z, so this is a surprise," Khaled told the crowd.

As the Miami DJ and producer began listing the student's numerous accomplishments, shock washes over Morgan's face as he struggles to contain himself. By the time Morgan's name is announced, he and his friends and jumping and screaming uncontrollably.

"I can't even describe what I feel. It's amazing, I never would have thought -- $100,000. I want to be a lawyer and I just I can't believe I won this," Morgan said in a video posted on Beyonce's blog.

In addition to being in the top three of his senior class, he's also president of the Theatre Society, president of the Spanish Honor Society, a member of the UNICEF Club and Poetry Club.

A day after the announcement, Morgan was still in shock. 

"I can't even describe how I'm feeling. It still hasn't kicked in yet," he said.

A spokesperson from the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida said Morgan is being raised by his single mother, so the scholarship will help the family tremendously.

BeyGOOD and the Shawn Carter Foundation plan to award scholarships to students chosen by the Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta, Miami, Arlington, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara and Seattle during the OTR II tour.

Jose Bastias, senior service director at Morgan's club, said he got the call from the foundation a day before the concert asking for a nomination and Morgan was their top pick.

"We knew his ranking at Evans High School was really high. He is third in his class and we knew all of his extracurricular activities, so we knew that would be a great choice. He's very well deserving," Bastias said. "We're changing his life and this is going to change his life and his family's life. He's just going to take another step forward, so we're excited for him."

Morgan said he is starting to apply to colleges. He believes the BGCCF and the scholarship will help him accomplish his dreams.

"That opens so many doors that I didn't even think was possible and I wish I could thank Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Thank you so much," Morgan said.

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