A 'Breaking Bad' movie is in the works

The one who knocks is coming back

Order a bucket of chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos and throw a pizza on the roof of your house in excitement, because Vince Gilligan is cooking up a "Breaking Bad" movie and it's already in production. 

Confirmed by Variety, show creator Gilligan already has a script for the movie, which will be based on the AMC critically acclaimed hit TV show. As any "Breaking Bad" fan knows, not only did the show introduce one of TV's most notorious antiheroes, it also helped usher in the golden age of television. 

The working title of the movie is called "Greenbriar," and production is supposed to start in mid-November and go until February. Variety was also confirmed that the film "tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom." 

Other than that, information on what the movie will be about is pretty unclear for now, including whether actors from the original show will be in the movie. It's also unknown if the movie will play out on TV or in theaters.

Gilligan could go for a prequel to the series, much like "Better Call Saul," but do we really want to watch a movie about Walt being a basic science teacher with Jesse in his class? Walt and Jesse's origin stories could be interesting, but without the crime that made "Breaking Bad" so addicting, we're not sure if that story could have legs. 

There could also be a prequel about Gus and how Los Pollos Hermanos became a front for illegal crime, or any other secondary character like Mike, Skyler or Hank.

Or will the film follow Jesse dealing with the wake of Walt's death? Will Walt Jr. get into the family business with Jesse? What if Walt didn't really die at the end of the series? Do we want to watch the rise of Heisenberg again? 

Stay tuned to find out! 

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