Amendment 9 passes, banning off-shore oil drilling, indoor vaping

State-owned waters prohibited, smoking in specified areas allowed

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Amendment 9 on Florida's ballot passed with more than 60 percent of the vote on Election Day.

This new law includes two parts: banning off-shore oil and gas drilling in state-owned waters and banning indoor electronic smoking unless in a private residence or hotel rooms allowing indoor smoking.  

Oil and gas drilling won't be allowed in state waters. The range will go from waters immediately off Florida's coastline to the edge of federal waters further offshore. This is about 3 nautical miles, or 3.5 miles, to the Atlantic Ocean and 9 nautical miles, or 10.4 miles, to the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond state waters, oil and gas drilling will not be affected. To see fishing maps of Florida, click here.

Indoor electronic smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes, are banned in indoor workplaces. Vaping devices are defined as “any product that employs an electronic, a chemical, or a mechanical means capable of producing vapor or aerosol from a nicotine product or any other substance.” The new amendment will add on to the previous law on tobacco.

The only exceptions are stand alone bars, designated hotel rooms and stores selling tobacco and vaping devices. Private residences are included in the exception list if it isn't being used for child care, adult care or health care. 

For more information on amendments, click here.


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