Home on the go: Crews move historic 1921 Orlando home to new location

Developer to restore home, build townhomes on old property

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ORLANDO, Fla. – A nearly century-old home slowly rolled down neighborhood streets Sunday morning to its new location in the Lake Eola Heights Historic neighborhood.

Large crowds came out to watch the two-story home be relocated. Jeff Thompson said it was a sight to see.

"It's something you don't see very often. It's really cool," Thompson said.

The home was built in 1921 and located on Broadway Avenue. Its new location is about two and a half blocks away on Livingston Street.

The movers started working at 7 a.m., moving the home slowly, inch by inch, down the residential streets before taking a tight turn. The developer, Mark Kinchla, kept a close eye on the home the whole time.

"The challenging part is coming off the first curb and making sure the chimneys don't fall down," Kinchla said.

Crews with OUC were on standby and taking power lines down as needed so the house could get through. Crews also removed tree limbs and cut down any that got in the way.

Kinchla said it cost about $80,000 to move the house, but he said it is worth it to save the home.

"I think what's significant is I didn't need to do it. It wasn't in the historic district, but I did it. So it just kinda resonates that historic structures are valuables," Kinchla said.

Kinchla plans to build five townhomes on the newly vacant property. He said he will restore the historic homes, where he plans to live.

He's rolling into his new neighborhood in a big and memorable way.

"I think for the neighborhood it shows that historic districts are valuable and should be maintained and I agree," Kinchla said.    

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