There's an app for that: 9 apps you shouldn't be living without

List of life-hack apps

ORLANDO, Fla. – Looking to make life easier? There's an app for that.

We get it, adulting is hard. But it doesn't have to be. Like the popular Apple slogan guarantees, there's pretty much an app for any and every thing you can think of.

Here's a list of 9 smartphone apps some people just can't live without:

1. Mealime

If your family is anything like mine, the question, "What's for dinner?" never sparks a pleasant conversation. It only makes everyone hungrier over the four hours it takes you to decide to eat something you probably didn't want anyway.

Mealime is here to change that. Everyone will know what's for dinner because you can plan the customized meals ahead of time by selecting any allergies or "dislikes" for the picky eaters, how many meals you'll need for the week and for how many people in the app. The app then chooses meals for you and builds your grocery list based on the recipes. Shop once per week and follow the simple instructions to cook the meal just before it's time to eat. 

Download Mealime here.


2. Packing Pro

We all know the worst part about vacation is packing, but it doesn't have to be as awful as we make it. The Packing Pro app -- which, according to the App Store, was named the No. 1 travel app in the U.S. and other countries -- simplifies the process by letting you build custom lists, gather suggestions from fellow packers, arrange your items by priority and more. You can even share your list with family members, who can use it as a template to make their own if you're traveling together. 

I'm not sure if there's an app that will unpack your stuff for you yet -- which would be the solution to the second-worst part of vacation.

Download Packing Pro here.

3. Pocket

Scrolling through Facebook is like a never-ending routine that consists of saving links to articles, videos and other posts you want to explore but don't have time to just yet. Or maybe you're someone who sends yourself random emails with links from your favorite apps and websites you eventually want to get to. Odds are you'll probably lose some here and there if you have them in multiple places. Pocket allows you to save all that content in one place, so when you actually have a free second, you can make your way down your running list -- increasing your chance of ever getting through it.

Download Pocket here.

4. Waze

Using a GPS to get somewhere is pretty much an everyday part of life, but Waze is so much more than that. It's pretty much everything you could want as a driver, molded into a single smartphone app. Not only does it give you directions to your destination, it allows other Wazers to mark where they've run into traffic, seen a law enforcement officer, passed a crash or encountered any hazardous conditions. As a Wazer yourself, you can be on the lookout for those issues and report any of your own. You can also check gas prices in the area, add friends and get other real-time traffic updates.

Download Waze here.

5. Genius Sign

Ever need to sign a document for something important and send it back to someone, but can't because you're not at home or at the office to scan it? Not anymore. Genius Sign allows you to pull up the document on your phone, sign it by either drawing your name with your finger or scanning your signature from a piece of paper, adding it to your file and sending it on its way. It could become your go-to way to sign and scan even when you're at home.

Download Genius Sign here.

6. Poshmark

Have you been meaning to go through your closet and get rid of some old clothes? You can do it at your convenience and easily sell them through the Poshmark app. You can also shop other people's closets for that item you've been looking everywhere for, by browsing your favorite styles, brands and occasions in the app. Make some extra money right from your phone while shopping your next look? Yes, please.

Download the Poshmark app.

7. Waterlogged

Does anyone really drink as much water as they should? I sure don't, and I need all the help I can get. Forgetting to drink the right amount just won't be an excuse anymore if you download the Waterlogged app, which allows you to set and crush your own thirst-quenching goals with the help of personalized push alerts to your phone. You can even upload pictures of your cups so the app can track exactly how much water you're taking in, even if you're not counting ounces yourself.

Download Waterlogged here.

8. Venmo

If you want to stop driving servers crazy when eating at restaurants in large groups and asking them to split the bill, download Venmo. If you want to have a way for your friends to instantly pay you back when you cover them for forgetting their wallet, download Venmo. If you want to spend money without having to pull out your wallet yourself, download Venmo. The app serves as a digital wallet that lets you pay friends and family with money you upload to the app or through a card or bank account linked to it. You can even use the app to pay at some stores. It's that easy.

Download Venmo here.

9. Qapital

Saving pretty much becomes effortless with the Qapital app, especially with its Round Up Rule. When the rule is activated, the app will round up to the nearest dollar -- or higher amount if you choose -- and put that extra money in a separate account. According to the app's website, Qapital users save an average of $44 per month just by rounding up their change. You can even set a goal and share it with others, who can also choose to round up their change and contribute to the fund. Basically, if you're spending, you're saving!

Download Qapital here.