Baldwin Park family returns home after crane split house in half

Family returns after less than three months of repair work


ORLANDO, Fla. – Dana and Steve Loncar's Baldwin Park home gained international attention after a subcontractor's crane came crashing through their roof in September, while it was trying to deliver roofing material.

The two remember the day well.

"It was shocking," Dana Loncar said. "There's no other word for it but shocking, I literally didn't know what to do." 

Since then, the two have watched as Orlando renovation company Alair Homes and Gold Key Roofing have worked to repair the home.

Thankfully, the crane missed the sprinkler system and major structural spots, which helped allow the family move back in to their home less than three months after the accident.

"If it was to fall in the perfect location, that's where it fell," Jim Krantz, with Alair Homes, said. 

Jeffrey Hewitt runs Gold Key Roofing, the company who was initially working on the roof prior to the crane mishap. Gold Key Roofing purchased materials from a supplier, who in turn hired a subcontractor to deliver the materials when their crane toppled over.

"We would never want this to happen, but it did," he said. "We've taken responsibility to get them back in as quick as possible. That's the main issue."

The Loncars agree they never expected to be back home before Christmas, let alone Thanksgiving, but other than a little paint on the outside, the owners said everything is pretty much back to normal, just in time for the holidays.

"We're sorting it out, getting some things put back in our home, but for the most part, we're here and we're grateful to be here," Dana Loncar said. "If you didn't know what had happened, you would look at this foyer and say, 'This is beautiful.' You would have no idea a crane punctured it three months ago."

The Loncars have family flying in from all over for Christmas and are looking forward to showing everyone what has changed, as well as their newest ornament for their Christmas tree: a crane. 

"It just seemed appropriate this year to get a crane for our tree," Dana Loncar said.

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