Your vintage ceramic Christmas tree could be worth a lot of money

Value goes up around holidays, an expert says

A handmade ceramic Christmas tree (Image: Robin Speck)
A handmade ceramic Christmas tree (Image: Robin Speck)

Do you remember the ceramic Christmas trees? Maybe your grandparents had one out each year.

The trees were a hit in the late ‘60s and early '70s, and adorned many tabletops or TV stands. 

Vintage expert Bob Richter told "Today," “Everyone who took a ceramics class and celebrated Christmas made one of these trees. People put them on top of the television, back when the TV was a piece of furniture.”

Now that they’ve gone out of style, people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars on eBay for the vintage decorations. 

Recently trees sold for $79, $440 and a whopping $649. 

“At the holidays everybody wants one because it reminds them of the past. And it’s a recent thing within the past couple of years,” Richter told "Today." “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, my mom had this, my aunt had this, so I want one.’ … Basically, you’re buying nostalgia. You’re buying the memory.”

When heading home for this holidays this year, check out your parents' attic and see if they have one collecting dust. 

Its value is highest during the holidays, so if you can’t get it sold this year, hang on to it and save it for next year. 

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