Lake County woman accused of spanking children at slumber party

Erin Pierce arrested on child abuse charges

LADY LAKE, Fla. – A Lake County woman is accused of spanking multiple children at a party she hosted at her Lady Lake home. 

According to an arrest report, she spanked the children with a belt, a spoon and a shoe. 

Erin Pierce, 29, was arrested on Sunday and is facing multiple child abuse charges.

Zabrina Tidball said her 12-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were among the group of children at the home who were struck with a belt. 

"I just can't imagine any parent doing that to a child," Tidball said.

The mother of three said the children at the party were just being kids and, instead of spanking the children, Pierce should have contacted parents before hitting them with objects. 

"They said it was a belt, metal spoon, shoes. She was kicking the kids," Tidball said. "She physically put her hands on them."

Tidball's son, Caden Johnson, said the attack at the party escalated quickly before it spilled outside.

"She came out with a belt and told me to go and she started beating me as I was going out," Johnson said.

The sixth-grader said the spanking was so hard it left visible marks on him and his sister.

"It hurt," Johnson said. "She hit me worse than, like, anything."

According to the arrest report, things spiraled out of control after Pierce claimed a child flipped her off.  The report also states the children accused her of being under the influence.

"You've got nine kids in a household and an intoxicated adult," Tidball said.

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