Judge denies bond for man accused of killing girlfriend's 2-year-old son

Jonathan Pursglove, Victoria Toth face aggravated manslaughter charges

ORLANDO, Fla. – A judge on Wednesday denied bond for a man accused in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son.

Johnathan Pursglove and Victoria Toth were charged with aggravated manslaughter in Orange County after Toth's son, Jayce Martin, was found unresponsive on his bedroom floor in July.

Pursglove’s mother testified Wednesday that she and Toth made video visitations with Pursglove every week. The judge informed her that Toth, who was released from jail after posting bond, had been ordered not to have any contact with Pursglove.

The judge denied bond for Pursglove and said Toth's bond may be at risk, meaning she could be rearrested in the near future.

Pursglove's great aunt, Pamela Lawrence, testified at the hearing.

"He's a violent mean person and has no regard for human life," she said. "I was stunned to find out he's having contact with Victoria Toth, and that not only is he violating his bond, but she's violating her bond as well."

Lawrence said Pursglove has no regard for human life.

"I hope that he's found guilty and that he's convicted and that he's never allowed out in society to hurt another person," she said.

According to an arrest affidavit, Jayce was covered in bruises and medical examiners believed he was possibly tortured before his death.

On Tuesday, the state attorney's office released evidence in the case that included detailed police reports, crime scene images and audio interviews from detectives.

In one interview, Pursglove said Jayce was sick and vomiting before Toth put him to bed.

"He kept sitting up and calling, like, 'Tori, Tori, John.'  We're like, 'Dude, go to sleep.'  So eventually he went to sleep," Pursglove said.

Toth said she found her son face down in a pool of vomit the next morning.

"I felt like he threw up and then he went to look for me and then he fell and I don't know," Toth said.  "Maybe he was choking on it and he went to find me because he was freaking out."

Police began questioning the couple after bruises were found on the boy's body.

Investigators also noticed several fist-sized holes in the wall of the bedroom. Toth said the holes were caused by her boyfriend. Pursglove also confirmed that to detectives.

A friend of Toth told detectives the mother had confided that sometimes Pursglove was disciplining Jayce so harshly she had to step in; however, when she did, he became violent with her as well.

Pursglove and his brother confirmed to investigators he had anger issues, saying he takes his anger "out on the world."

During the interview with detectives, Pursglove said Jayce fell while in the bathtub.

"As soon as the water would, like, touch his head, he would freak out," Pursglove said. "I think he hit maybe the edge of the shower of the tub."

Pursglove bonded out of jail, but was re-arrested after police said they found drugs in his car during a traffic stop in November.


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