2 overcome by carbon monoxide after car left running in garage

Victims taken to Advent Health Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – An 80-year-old woman and another woman were overcome by fumes Monday morning after a car was accidentally left running overnight in the garage of an Orange County home, officials said.

The incident occurred at a home in the 10000 block of Creekwater Boulevard in Orlando.

A nurse, who happened to be working at a neighbor's home, called 911 after one of the women came to the house asking for help.

"I covered my mouth and nose when I went into the house, because it hit me in the doorway as soon as I got to the doorway," said Heather, who did not give her last name, adding women were very confused, sweaty and couldn't stand up straight.

The other victim was in her 40s, officials said. Both women were taken to Advent Health Orlando for treatment.

Orange County Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Mike Jachles said elevated levels of carbon monoxide were found in the garage and on the second floor of the home.

"Both women were very lucky here. Carbon monoxide is colorless.  It's odorless.  It is a silent killer," Jachles said. "You don't know until it's too late.  So, they were both very lucky they didn't die because of the carbon monoxide."

No other details have been released.

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