Orlando police officer mired in controversy back on street unit, officials say

Robert Schellhorn made Facebook posts, comments in 2017 many found offensive


ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando police officer who was seen calling civilians "savages," both on video and on social media has been reinstated to the motor unit, according to officials from the Orlando Police Department.

Robert Schellhorn has been working as part of the airport division since Feb. 11, 2018, when he was reassigned from his previous position in the motors division. As of Sunday, he is now back in the motors division, after applying for an open position there.

The reassignment came after posts from August 2017 on Schellhorn's personal Facebook page that many reported to OPD. The Orlando's Citizens Police Review Board recommended Schellhorn be fired, but he was instead put on an 80-hour suspension without pay.

According to the report from the department's Internal Affairs investigation, several people said Schellhorn's posts were racially derogatory.

"What exactly are the 'black rights' that these useless savages are standing up for?" Shellhorn wrote. "Do black folks somehow have different or greater rights than everyone else?"

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Schellhorn apologized to investigators and denied that his words were racially fueled.

In September 2018, OPD released May 2017 body camera video of Schellhorn calling patrons "savages" outside the Parliament House nightclub.

"Typically, Sunday nights are just busy, but all these (expletive) savages that have (expletive) come out," Schellhorn is heard telling another officer. "Time to go, savages. Go."

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The Orlando's Citizens Police Review Board again called for Schellhorn's resignation or termination. John Mina, who was chief of the Police Department at the time, said the video also factored into the decision to suspend Schellhorn.

In December, Schellhorn, who was then working on the airport division full time, disputed the length of his suspension. The arbitration in the case has ended and it is awaiting a final decision, according to OPD officials.

Schellhorn's new position on the Special Operations Division of the department's motor division was ultimately approved by Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón.