Is this the real life? Barbershop in Mills 50 district receives new murals

Street artist to commission more murals in area

ORLANDO, Fla. – You may have noticed a few familiar faces in the Mills 50 district and Winter Park.

Queen front man Freddie Mercury, Bob Ross and the late Mister Rogers have a new home on the side of Floyd's Barbershop on Mills Avenue and the Floyd's in Winter Park.

The artist behind the pieces is Jonas Never, a street artist known for his realistic murals. 

Mercury may not have any ties to Orlando, but both Bob Ross and Mister Rogers have ties to the Orlando area. Mister Rogers was a Rollins College graduate, while Bob Ross lived on the very street his mural is being painted on.  

"There's something really fun about being able to learn a neighborhood while I'm painting it," Never said. "Bob Ross and Mister Rogers are both natives to the area. It's cool to give a quick history lesson to someone passing by and maybe wondering why they're here."

Kyle Sleeth, owner of Floyd's Barbershop, said Never's paintings fits the establishment's style perfectly.

"One of our old sayings at Floyd's is 'old school, new style,'" Sleeth said. "With the two icons we chose, we thought what better fit than Mister Rogers and Bob Ross -- both old school people who had a big impact on the community and lived locally but had a resurgence through movies and pop culture."

Never began painting murals in Los Angeles, where he painted realistic renditions of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. He then moved through Detroit, Colorado, Massachussets and now Orlando and Winter Park.

"It's a really cool thing that I'm glad public art has enabled," he said. "It [the mural] becomes part of the community, and people take pride in the mural just like I take pride in the mural when I paint it."