Only in Florida: News 6 anchor films dancing camel on Orlando expressway

And it wasn't even hump day

ORLANDO, Fla. – This camel's got moves.

In a scene that could only play out in Florida, a camel was spotted dancing in State Road 408 traffic Sunday morning and News 6 anchor Matt Austin just happened to be there to capture it on video.

Austin said his wife Tricia was driving him and his daughters Addison, Lulu and Sawyer to church around 11 a.m. when commotion broke out in the car.

"It was just sheer pandemonium in here for a moment as we were driving by a petting zoo on the highway. It was very cute," Austin said.

At first, he didn't believe his daughters when they started yelling about a dancing camel -- that is, until he looked up.

I swear I just saw a camel dancing in the back of a school bus on the 408... Florida once again asserts itself as the greatest state in the union. (P.S. I’m in the passenger seat) Here’s a link:

Posted by Matt Austin on Sunday, March 10, 2019

"We seriously see not only the camel, but that fact that it's, like, doing the Carlton, it's like dancing in the back of the school bus with its head stuck out. He seemed really happy back there, it's like the perfect little spot for him to hang his head out the window and do his little dance moves," Austin said.

Traffic on westbound SR 408 near Rouse Road slowed as other motorists tried to get a glimpse of Sir Gus Jr.'s dance routine. The camel, as it turns out, is a mascot for the Bahia Shriners and was likely on his way to a meet and greet in Orlando Sunday afternoon.

Austin posted the 19-second video to his Facebook page and by the time he got out of church an hour later, it had already racked up thousands of views.

As someone who has lived in Central Florida for eight years and covers strange Florida stories on a regular basis, Austin said he can understand the video's appeal.

"I've seen a lot of weird stuff on the roads here in Florida, that is definitely the strangest," Austin said.