'Larry' the alligator of The Villages fame gets new home

800-pound beast will live at Gatorland in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – An 800-pound alligator named "Larry" from The Villages has found a new home at Gatorland in Orlando.

The monster gator was spotted on a golf course two weeks ago. 

"All I could think of was that I was looking at a prehistoric monster. It didn't look like a regular gator," March Scher said after his round of golf.

Larry was brought to Gatorland Tuesday night.

"We were pulling him out to bring him up here to release him to the lake and he was slinging our guys off like they were just ants," said Mark McHugh, from Gatorland.

McHugh said trappers caught Larry after they found out he was being fed by people, which is against the law.

"The Villages called and said he was getting too close to people and getting too comfortable. People had been feeding him," he said.

Larry was a big hit in the community, and he even has his own Facebook page.

He's currently about 11 feet long and is expected to grow up as long as 14 feet. 

"Larry is going to have a great life," McHugh said.

The alligator moved into his new home Thursday at Gatorland, where more than 120 alligators live on a 15-acre lake.

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