Smokable medical marijuana sold for first time in Orlando

This past November, Curaleaf was known because of it's drive through window services. 

It was known for a different reason on Monday.

The facility was the first to sell smokable medical marijuana in Orlando. 

For Derek Thompson, it was a big deal. He was the first to purchase the smokable form in the area. 

"I was on a bunch of narcotics. Even a nasal spray that would cause me to hallucinate," Thompson said. 

Thompson suffers from chronic pain and migraines. 

He used smokable marijuana in Delaware before and said it made a world of difference. 

When he heard Gov. Ron Desantis signed off on it last week,  he knew it was only a matter of time. 

"Honestly, there will probably be family members of mine who say how could you admit to this. How could you go out and do it? Do you worry about future jobs or anything like that, but I think there's a big change coming our way to our society. Kind of a way to get the ball rolling," Thompson said. 

There are still rules and regulations when it comes to purchasing the smokable form. 

Customers have to have a state medical marijuana card and a doctor has to prescribe it. 

As for refills those will be available every six months. 

Thompson said with the new option could mean less medical marijuana is actually used. 

This option, he said allows him to live more in the moment with his family as opposed to popping pills. 

"It's wonderful. I am off everything. I don't even take Excedrin," Thompson said.